Breaking Camp

img_5284In every season there is purpose. Sometimes we don’t understand the purpose, or the pain. However, we know that Romans 8:28 states that all things work together for the good of those that love God. Certain situations may never make sense, we may never understand, but we are not told to understand, we are simply told to believe. God will be with you through this, He will be with you after, and He promises to make all things new.

The Israelites had been at the base of the mountain for long enough. God spoke to the people to break camp. He was actually telling the people He was sending them into the land of the ammoniates, their enemies. In the natural that made no sense, but the lord was trying to set them up to be weak in Him, so He could be strong through them. While doing this He would in turn show the surrounding nations how powerful the God of Israel was. He was trying to give them another Red Sea moment and encourage them. He wanted to remind the people how Great the might of their God was. He told them not to be afraid, to courageously go forward; they had a decision to make. They could stay there, choose to go another way (both would be acts of rebellion) or choose to trust Him. That would entail going in unfamiliar territory and taking the land. They were standing at the the place of decision, one of the ways in the natural looked impassable, but nonetheless they had to trust God and go through giants, they were going to ha e to hold their ground and fight for what God had already promised them. Once the victory was achieved the Promise land would be theirs. We know the story, they wavered in their faith and their belief in Gods Sovereignty. Because of this the promise land was lost to that generation. That wasn’t Gods plan, He had a victory waiting for them.

I want encourage you to keep walking, keep trusting, and lean not on your own understanding. God is setting up supernatural deliverances, victories, and provision. Go forward, don’t look back, don’t listen to your feelings, they have the capability to mislead you. Lean on God and what He says. Rebuke doubt and fear. God has already made the provisions.

Submitted by Jessica Fudge


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