Are You Bored By Your Faith?

13912605_1409477762402900_6707182435787985618_n“For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.” – Romans 8:5

This verse is on my heart today because I want to impress upon you the importance of chasing a goal.  When we have a goal in fitness or a test for a class, we dig until we have confidence that whatever obstacles lay before us or whatever questions are on the test will not intimidate us because we will have more than one answer prepared, for we will have studied that well. Why is it so strange then, or boring, to want to dig into the scripture, or read sermons, or spiritual writings in hopes of retaining some wisdom that we lack, knowing we are starving and in fact not able to even in a life time gain the entirety of the gospel?

“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: For they shall be filled” – Matthew 5:6

Why aren’t we more hungry?? Is it boring?? Pray for interest. Is it too hard to understand?? (Of course it is. Pray for wisdom) are their just better things to be interested in?? Why aren’t we thirsty for the knowledge that will make us more like the one of which we are going to worship for eternity?

Are we in love with Christ or are we just in love with the fact that by trusting Him we will not go to hell? Isn’t there more to our relationship with Him than just a Ticket out of hell? Where is that passion, where is the love for Him and not just for His gift??

Are we minding the flesh because it is far less “boring” than the things that are eternally based, that will fill us? Why aren’t we interested in spiritual things? I think the enemy delights in our lack of interest in spiritual things, things that will feed our passion for God and grow our hunger for Him and make us more like Him. I think it’s his goal to keep us thinking its “boring” and that their are just far more interesting things to do or think of.

He wants us to think that all those who write spiritual literature are simply puffed up and are building their own righteousness by writing such things, and those who read or listen to them are filling their heads with this babble of false Holiness. I think he wants to do whatever it takes to keep us from digging. He wants to keep us bored of spiritually minded things, because if we are passionate about them, he knows we will shout to the world about Christ and his goodness and power, he knows that once that passion for eternal things is lit that he’s losing his control yet again, more people are going to be reached, more people are going to hear about Christ, less people are going to be bored of spiritual things, and he is going to lose!

I urge every person to ask themselves why they’re bored of spiritual things and realize that the answer you give is not your own. Your not under your own power in this! I truly believe that the enemy wants you to stay bored of eternal things. Lacking a passion. He delights in that your standing still. Don’t let this happen! Keep digging, keep striving for the things of God! To learn more of Him every day. So that those who are in your life that are starving to death spiritually, can be fed! It isn’t only your plate anymore. Those around you need your help, because they are without the gospel! To some, your witness may be the only gospel they receive today. Their plates are empty, and your feeding off of the same portions as yesterday because you think it is enough.

All I’m asking is why aren’t we digging to get more spiritual food to feed and strengthen our spirit and that of others?? Why aren’t we interested in the things of the spirit? Why are we allowing satan to keep us in a clouded mindset of “it is enough” and we stop searching for more? We stop trying to fill the plates of those around us because we think that if God is going to save someone, he’ll just do it and  it isn’t our problem to witness those around us. “He will do it”

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? …” – Romans 10:14

Take the tape of our your mouth, please. Fill your plate with more so that you can share. This is on my heart so heavily. Will you join me this morning in a new challenge, a new goal? One of understanding and avoiding this tactic of the enemy right now: that from this moment on you will purpose to realize that it is not just enough that God saved you from hell, but that He chose you to be His son or daughter, and that is a reason to have a strong desire to know Him better every day! Not just to rest in what He saved us from as if that is our prize, but to realize that HE is the prize?? And that is the reason it is time to stop feeding off of yesterday’s portions of your spiritual wisdom and start stuffing that plate, so that you can share with others this good news!!?? Because the people around you are literally starving to death, and they can’t afford for you to poke at your empty plate; bored. It’s your responsibility to get stuffed so you can have more to share with others.

Please don’t be bored. He didn’t only save us from hell, he chose us from the world. We are His ambassadors here, not only his charity cases. He has work for us to do. You are not unqualified. We are made qualified when we stand up and ask to be filled, he will give you the words. Open your mouth. Don’t let those around you starve while you poke at your plate, bored. Fill it up and share. It’s time.

I’m not embarrassed to post this plea. It’s time to ask ourselves if we’re bored with eternal things and why, and not let that happen any more. It’s not safe. Focus on the prize, is it the fact that you escaped hell, or did you forget that worshiping Christ is the prize? Did you forget that He chose you to be His ambassador in this world? Find it within you to be interested in eternal things. The enemy wants us to stay bored so that we will not fill up the empty plates of those around us. I firmly believe this. How can we pour out on others when we are empty ourselves? Spend time with God in prayer and His word, let Him fill your plate to overflowing, and then let the overflow bless all those around you.

I also post this because it’s on my heart and I believe that it is meant to encourage and inspire others to hunger after the things of God. If this is you, please don’t think I am a puffed up, “holier than thou”, “holy roller”. The fact is, I don’t know a thing of myself, but I’m digging for spiritual knowledge to fill my plate and I will not stop until it’s bursting off the sides, so that I will have no choice but to share with others.

Please don’t rest on the same old portions, I know the simplicity of God saving you gives you peace, but I have to say this again. He didn’t only save us from hell, he chose us.
Why aren’t we excited to dig deeper and fill our plates so we can share with those next to us?? Do you want them to starve because your bored? This is a reminder that we are meant to share and fill the plates of those around us. You sharing with them from your plate might be their only hope of any spiritual nutriment at all.

Don’t settle with small portions, leaving nothing to share or offer others. It’s not meant to be that way. Stuff your plate! It isn’t boring because of you, it’s boring because the enemy wants you to stand down, settle, be silent. He wants you to lack hunger for spiritual things so that you won’t share from your plate. I refuse to let that mindset win. It isn’t boring. That’s a big roadblock that the enemy (satan) put their so you won’t dig deeper to feed and strengthen your spirit! Are you gonna let it work? Are you going to let him win?

“If ye be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set you affection of things above, not on things on the earth.” – Colossians 3:1-2

Submitted by @ Amelia Barr


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