A Flood Is Coming, Are You Ready?

noah_ark_people_drowingPeople think of Noah and the ark story as a cute little pop up book-bible story from when they were a kid. But the truth is, it’s not really a warm and fuzzy story…. unrepentant sinners were washed away, and it’s very sad, while those who believed were safe within the walls of the ark.  God protected them because of Noah’s unshaken faith, and God’s mercy to him and his family. It is the same mercy he offers today. When we ask and believe.

All anyone remembers of this story is the rainbow and a guy they picture with a long white beard named Noah, who built the ark, but nobody thinks about it like this, the way it really is. I’m just thinking, today if Noah was building the ark, today people would mock, today people would not believe, and today people would be swept away by the flood. But today God is still merciful, still loving, and still willing to take you into His mercy and into His safety, protected.

What are you afraid of? Is it worth it to drown when the safety of God is right in front of you? You don’t need anything but to come. Please don’t wait another day. Don’t you think people were terrified in the days of Noah when the flood swept them away, because they ignored the man He sent to warn them and help them?

Don’t be afraid, and don’t say you’ve got nothing to lose. It’s everything your losing if you don’t know God. You say, “But I don’t understand the bible, all these big words and names, and it’s just so long, and I just don’t understand it.” You spend hours studying books for an exam, to make the grade, to make the cut, to pass. To succeed. To BE something. In this life. But what if I told you that within the bible their are answers to every question you have about life, and that the final exam is nearing and the professor is welcoming your questions, and in fact encouraging you to come to him to ask?? If it was in the days of Noah, would you laugh at the man obeying God by faith and building the place of safety, or would you beg to be saved as the waters rose and people you love were swept away?

Please don’t wait any more, you’ll never be ready, it isn’t something that requires your worthiness, only that you come to one acceptance; “God is the way and I wanna follow him! I don’t have anything, but I wanna follow Him! I wanna study Him and find out what this God people talk about is all about!”

Can you study for the final exam? Can you walk towards the professor and ask Him for help?? He’s not gonna yell at you for not knowing all the answers. He’s ready to help and guide you through the test. It’s an “open book” test, and this book will help you understand the answers, and when the questions of life get too hard, the professor waits for you, to come, to ask. Last night I pictured every person I’ve ever loved, I pictured their faces, and I thought of the dread of the final hour, the final test, do they know the professor? Everyone wants to see the rainbow, but nobody wants to step into the safety of God.  Please try to understand something, the final test is nearing, and your too proud to ask the professor to help you understand? But he waits for YOU.

Submitted by @ Amelia Barr


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