Playing With Sin Is Fishing For Trouble

320557_472253502817931_1388943327_nGrowing up in Louisiana you often find yourself in some pretty peculiar predicaments, facing some pretty menacing foes, and having to overcome both. My cousin and I found ourselves in just such a situation one day a few years back. While rod fishing from the bank we saw an alligator swimming in the murky water, so we got a big treble hook and cast it out behind the alligator. It snagged him and we pulled him to the land. When we saw it, it looked pretty harmless and small. It was not very big, only about 4 feet long. So we tied it up and decided to bring it to show my cousin’s little nephew who lived not to far away. I had a small truck and we thought he would jump out of the back if we put him in the truck bed so we brilliantly decided to put him in the cab of the truck with us. I have a single cab truck so we put him on the floor by our feet.

My cousin kept playing with it, picking it up, taking the rope that it was tide up with and pulling on it. Then it happened… the rope fell off! The alligator got free inside the truck and started to thrash and death roll, hitting us with his tail. We were screaming and driving all over the road about to wreck! We had no idea what to do! Then my cousin put his foot down on the gator’s head and pushed with all his weight holding him down so that I could get the truck stopped and put new ropes on it. Lots of ropes! On its mouth, on it’s feet, and on it’s tell. I learned something that day.

“And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.” – Genesis 3:6

When my cousin and I saw the alligator in the water we should have left it alone. There will be sin in the world with great temptation to play with it, but Christian’s are not to partake of it. They are to have nothing to do with it. The alligator looked harmless enough at first, just a small thing, that our pride tells us that we can handle with no problem. Just like people do with sin, we played with it thinking we could control it and bring it with us. People tend to believe that they can hold on to sin and carry it with them, keeping it tied up and under control. But all of a sudden, it happens without warning, you loose control. Before you know it sin is biting at your feet and the devil is about to cause you to wreck everything that God has given you. Yet if you are willing to humble yourself and cry out for help, there is an answer to this problem…

“And I will put enmity between thee (serpent) and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” – Genesis 3:15

For me it was my cousin’s 14 double wide foot that bruised the head of this mini leviathan. However we all have that in Christ, someone to put His foot down on sin when we call upon His Name. When we humble ourselves, realize that we are not as strong or as invincible as we think we are, remove our faith from ourselves and place it in Him, He comes and saves us, steps down on that old serpents head and sets us free.


“Therefore being by the right hand of God exalted, and having received of the Father the promise of the Holy Ghost, he hath shed forth this, which ye now see and hear. For David is not ascended into the heavens: but he saith himself, The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, Until I make thy foes thy footstool.” – Acts 2:33-35

Submitted by @ Malachi Mayeux


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