Shepherds And Spiritual Predators

wolfeatingsheepAs a young husband and dad trying to launch a ministry and provide for his family I took some odd jobs occasionally. I went to work for awhile at a maximum security prison that mostly housed gang members from Dallas and FT. Worth . They didn’t hire me for my minor in Psychs or counseling ,or because I was a licensed preacher, they hired me because I was big and could punch hard and take people down. There was this stretch of road called Hwy 51 that passed by a ranch with some, shall we say, ripe decorations hanging on the cedar posts and barbed wire fences. Carcasses of dead coyotes.

As you passed along the highway bordering this ranchers property, you saw evidence that; 1. This cowboy was a dead-eye shot who let little get passed him, and, 2. He really hated coyotes. Apparently, if he or his neighbors saw a predator trying slip into the calf or sheepfold, swift, unmerciful Texas justice would be coming forthwith. A one mile stretch of road gave silent, albeit fragrant testimony of that. Pastors, how protective are you toward those who are trusting their souls into your hands? True shepherds are mindful of the lambs, ever vigilant, quick to the rescue. Like the rancher, they hate “spiritual” predators. Its in our DNA to love the sheep and hate wolves. There are predatory beasts on the rise now that lawlessness is spreading in our nation, in our churches too. One more thing. This rancher would take each coyote he’d shot, drag it to the fence, and nail its head to the fence post, the body dangling there as a mute testimony to future trespassers. This place may be your last stop for a snack….

“When He had disarmed the rulers and authorities,he made a public display of them, having triumphed over them through Him. Colossians 2:15

brain-evolution-confidence-david-goliath_40276_600x4502It actually says in this chapter, He NAILED them to the cross… Guess who else doesn’t like Spiritual predators either. God has given us authority in Christ to act on Abishai’s suggestion to King David when folks were attacking the giant killer.

Abishai said “Shall I take the head of this Dog?” David understood the principle cause he stored Goliath’s armor in his tent, (probably wanted to sell it on eBay), but he took Goliath’s head to Saul. Oh Father, where the rancher/shepherds who will watch and pray? Where are the giant-killers?

Submitted by @ Evangelist Paul Bradford


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