God’s Plan Is Worth The Wait

waitYour facing a situation, you’re not sure what to do, you want to do the right thing so you take it to God in prayer, “Father what do You want me to do?” Sometimes you get directions on a specific action to take (not always easy but you can handle that), sometimes the answer warrants a simple “Yes” (we like those), sometimes it’s a “No” (we pout but comply knowing it’s for our own good and move on), but then sometimes the answer is “wait”. The dreaded “wait”! No one wants to hear that… ever. We like things to make sense now and to happen in our timing. We are an instant oatmeal society. We want our food fast (even if it’s not good for us), we want our information handed to us at the speed of light (even if we don’t know if it’s the truth), we want attention at the click of a button (even if it’s not genuine). When we step back and really look at it we begin to realize that, more often then not, we would rather get the answer we didn’t want then wait for the one we did.

God doesn’t work like that, He is more concerned with quality then quickness. His plans are perfect and they are perfectly laid out to the benefit of all in every tiny aspect and detail, no loose ends. That takes time. Remember that the ”instant” products are always cheap imitations of the real thing. Don’t settle for the counterfeits that leave you empty and unsatisfied. Wait for what’s truly good for you, wait for the real thing, wait for God’s best, wait for perfection.

God truly loves you and He wants the very best for you (Matt 7:11). He sent His only son to suffer and die as a measure of how much He loves you. Surely if He would do that, He will not withhold any good thing from you. (Romans 8:32) If He has not given you something, or if He has told you to “wait” there is a reason. If you trust in Him and wait, it will surely come to pass and it will work out in miraculous ways to your good in the end, and to the good of all. Stay the course. When you feel like giving up, talk to God, draw strength from Him, His Word, and His promises. It’s not always easy to wait on God but it is always worth it

 “Yea, let none that wait on thee be ashamed…” Psalms 25:3

“ Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.” – Psalms 27:14


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