Unsinkable Faith

Today my wife and I, while on vacation, visited a historic museum completely dedicated to the great “RMS Titanic” of 1912.  Even now at this very moment that I am writing, it was 103 years ago to the minute (April 14, 1912 @ 11:40pm) when the White Star Liner collided with the iceberg but 3 days shy of her scheduled arrival in New York City harbor.  While many can speculate the obvious lesson to learn here regarding pride, or not tempting God, or seeing a modern day Tower of Babel, the take away I wish to leave you with is a powerful testimony of a very little known-about minister by the name of John Harper who was aboard the Titanic on her maiden voyage.

His testimony is one of radical salvation pushing through the trials of life, losing His first wife not long after beginning his first ministry in the early 1890’s.  Born of Ireland, he was requested to travel transatlantic to speak at the Moody Bible Institue in Chicago; unfortunately he never had that opportunity.  Watch and listen below to the powerful account of this servant of God’s unsinkable faith!


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