Even The Appearance

wrong-way“Abstain from all appearance of evil.” – 1Thes.5:22

So what does this verse tell us? It’s saying that we should stay away from what simply appears to be evil or sinful even if we are not doing anything that is actually wrong. “We” may know we are not doing something wrong but if it could look wrong to someone else we should abstain (stay away) from it.

I’ll give you an example that God showed me. There’s a store where I live that has a drive thru daiquiri shop in it. Now, being in Christ I believe Christians are to be holy and that means no drinking. (Because it is written,”Be ye holy; for I am holy” – 1 Peter 1:16) However, they also sell snow cones and I have two kids. So one day, not thinking anything of it, I decided to go get the kids a snow cone. While I’m sitting in the drive thru waiting for the snow cones to be made, I see an old friend. As I watched him load his ice chest down with beer I thought, “I wish my old friend knew God as his Savior”. In that moment, God spoke to me, and this is what He said. “ Your friend knows the old you, not the new you. So if he sees you sitting in this line, what do you think he will assume you are getting?” I told God, “well, he would think I’m getting a daiquiri.” In that moment God was showing me that if I am in Him and He is in me then I am supposed to be showing that to others, but if I’m sitting in line at a daiquiri shop how is that being Christ like? “I” knew what I was getting, “my kids” knew what I was getting, “God” knew what I was getting, but my old friends wouldn’t and that’s the appearance of evil/sin.

So, to help me more easily avoid even the appearance of sin, I ask myself 3 questions.  1.) Would Christ go there?  2.) Would Christ do that?  3.) Would Christ say that? If my answer is NO and Christ wouldn’t do it, then I shouldn’t ether. If we are Christians we are to let God’s light shine through us, but if we are even in the appearance of evil/sin it’s hard for other people to see His light shine. So, ask yourself those same questions and if the answer to even one question is NO, then maybe you should think it through and let God be your guide so His light can shine through you unobstructed at all times.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify tour father which is in heaven.” – Matt 5:16

@ Submitted by Priscilla Bazer


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