It’ll Work Out The Way It’s Meant To

whatever_1497775cHow many times have we heard someone say this? How many times have we said it ourselves? But sometimes nothing could be farther from the truth. This line, though sometimes applicable, is often one of Satan’s greatest lies and tools in convincing people to give up their destinies, callings, and blessings.

Throughout scripture we see accounts of people and situations that did not “work out the way they were meant to”, causing countless blessings and callings to be forfeited. In fact, the very first story in the bible is a timeless example of this. God had a plan for Adam and Eve, a good plan, and He set out rules and guidelines to protect that plan. Adam and Eve, having a free will to make their own decisions, chose to disobey the commandments God had set in place to protect the good plans He had for them and thus, they forfeited their blessings for lies, deceit, curses, and death. These things were not in God’s plan for them. It’s not how it was ”meant to be”.

In Genesis chapter 25 we read the story of Esau and Jacob. Esau was the first born and therefore was meant to have the greater inheritance, both physically and spiritually. Not only was he meant to have great wealth and title but He was actually called to be the progenitor of the bloodline of Christ himself. The savior of the world! So what happened? He chose to succumb to the desires of the flesh and for a moment of pleasure he forfeited his birthright to his younger brother and lost it all.

Samson (Judges 13-16) was called from his mother’s womb to be a great leader and deliverer of the Israelite people. However, he continually disobeyed God’s protective commandments and provisions and fell into the enemies traps over and over again until it finally cost him everything. His eyes were plucked out and he was forced to push a millstone in circles, grinding wheat. It is worthy to note that in scripture the typology of wheat often represents God’s people. So in essence, instead of protecting, leading, and freeing God’s people (like he was meant to do), sin blinded Samson and caused him to spend the rest of his life going in circles in torment, trampling and feeding to his enemies the very thing that represented the people he was meant to help.

Though God’s love, grace, and mercy will cover us when we are truly seeking His will and unintentionally make the wrong choices (as long as we are remorseful and repentant once He points those mistakes out to us); willful sin, rebellion, disobedience, and callousness will cost you everything. Don’t let the enemy tell you that everything will simply work itself out the way it is meant to be and that you have no part to play in the way it works out. God has a specific plan for you ; a job, a calling, a purpose, a spouse, a family. All set out with guidelines, instructions, and convictions meant to protect that good and specific plan for you and your life. Know that the enemy will continuously send counterfeits, temptations, and lies to steal that away from you. Don’t trade a moment of pleasing your flesh, as these examples did, for your inheritance. As a child of the King of Kings you stand to inherit quite a bit.


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